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Hello all!

For those not informed yet, we've announced some time ago the results of our Christmas contest. You can check all winners here: photo-reference-for-comic-arti…

Below is the winning picture by Reza Hadi Lesmana, congrats to all!

Thank you all for participating.
Have a productive February all of ya!
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Hi there my fellow watchers,
Christmas is almost here and for this occasion I've prepared a Christmas contest for you :)

What's the deal?

The top prize is an awesome X-Men watch and an access for one year to my entire photo stock site (, and 2 runners up will be rewarded with an access for 6 and 3 months. Pretty sweet, right?

What should I do?

All you need to do is to show your imagination, creativity, and artistic skills. Using one of 35 000 photos from my stock, draw an artwork based on any X-Men character(s) (from 1963 up to now) in a Christmas theme. Don't have an access to my photos, yet? Then download this free package of 20 selected references. You’re not limited to use only one photo reference, you can even combine them! Thinking of Wolverine dressed as a Santa? Go for it! 

What are the prizes?

3 best artworks will be rewarded with these sweet prizes:

#1 - One year membership + awesome X-men watch (image bellow)

#2 - 6 months membership

#3 - 3 months membership

Look at these X-men watch, you know you want it :)


  • Topic: Draw any of the X-Men characters in a Christmas theme using the attached comic references (or any from our stock if you are a subscriber)
  • 1st Place Prize: The X-Men Symbol Black Watch + 1 Year Full Subscription at Comic Reference Website
  • 2nd Place Prize: 6 Months Full Subscription at our Comic Reference Website
  • 3rd Place Prize: 3 Months Full Subscription at our Comic Reference Website
  • Deadline: 31st December 2014
  • Submit to: (subject: X-Men Xmas contest)
  • Resolution: at least 1280x800px
  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Size: less than 15MB
  • Everyone can participate, even our existing subscribers!
  • If possible, attach a thumbnail of the original photo from our comic site that you have used to create your artwork.
  • Results of the contest will be announced during January 2015 (our team will pick the best ones).
  • Note: Thanks to our super powers watch can be shipped worldwide :)

Hey there!
Welcome to the first entry of my soon-to-be-regular "Featured work" series. In this series, I'm gonna show you my personal favourite user works created using one of my photos. Here we go!

Title: The Joker
Author: Michael Grieco

Original photo reference: 
Hi there, my fellow deviantArtists,
as you may already know, I post news and free photos on various places - this journal, my Facebook page, Fineart and Tumblr. Since I post on these various sites, it's easy for you to miss something. There's a very simple solution to ensure that you won't miss any important news - subscribe to my monthly newsletter. In every issue you'll learn highlights of the month, what photo sets are coming next and selection of already released photo sets.

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Hey there, my fellow artists!
I'm very happy and grateful when I look at these numbers:
  • 32 969 photos in my stock and counting
  • 3500+ watchers on my deviantArt and counting
  • 21 267 likes of my Facebook page and counting
Seems like my stock and my fanbase are getting bigger, thank you for that! As my appreciation, here's a 30 % discount on every membership on my site. 

Check out lowered prices
Hey there, all of ya!
deviantArt is full of very talented people, but unfortunately not all of them has 9 € to spend on premium membership on my site. That's a shame, because I believe my photos can help many of you to draw even better.
That's why I've decided to give you an offer: Make a videotutorial on drawing an artwork using my photos step by step and I'll give you access to all of my 32 000+ high quality photo references. If you're interested, send me samples of your work in my inbox and we'll make a deal. The membership is for one month, but I'm sure you'll be able to get the most of it in that time. In case your videotutorial is really good and you're willing to draw more for me, I'll give you longer access.

► Here are some of my free photos: deviantArt gallery | Facebook gallery | Fineart gallery
I'm really glad many of you put my photos to a good use. I've seen very good artworks from you and I'd like to see more! So, in case you use any of my photos in your works, send it to me please, so I can see fruits of my work :)

And in case you don't know what to draw, you can pick any photo from my database and just let your imagination flow.
Damn, that was even quicker than I expected. By the time you're reading this my site photo-reference-for-comic-arti…has more than 30 500 high quality photo references available for download. I'm gonna celebrate very soon and YOU are going to be a part of it. Stay tuned!

► Browse references

Hey there!
Many of you really liked my photo references and asked for some more. You flatter me :) But since I can't upload all of them for free, I decided to give you this 30 % discount on all membership types, so you can enjoy all of my 29 000+ high quality photo references anytime you want!

Pretty sweet, huh? But wait, there's catch (isn't there always?). This offer stands only till 15. 6. 2014, so you better hurry!

► Apply the discount using secret code 'V48EG' on this page or by visting this link.

Hi there, my fellow artists!
I already wrote a post about new 3D photos I'm shooting, but at that time, I had no idea I'm one of the first, who use this technology. So let's tell you something more about it.

With my stereoscopic 3D references you can get one step closer to having a real anatomy model for your drawing or illustrations in your living room anytime you need. Each pose is taken from 8 angles, which you can see either in 2D as 2 photos side by side (3840 x 1112px) or in 3D on your 3D TV or 3D monitor as a standard 1920 x 1080px resolution MPO file.

-> Try my 3D photo set in 3D viewer <-

-> Download 3D photos <-

Tell me how you like this technology. Should I shoot some more?
Wow. Just WOW. It's so wow, even the doge has to be in this post.
My last journal was an invitation to my Facebook page. Back then, as you could see in the journal, my page had just over 9000 fans. But after posting my journal... *BOOM*. 

Number of fans has almost doubled since then! That's incredible! Thanks guys! I'm gonna repay you very soon, just watch my profile and you'll be the first to know!

^ your work
Hi, guys,
great news! My Facebook page just reached amazing 9 000 fans. Join our community and let's make it 10 000. By joining my Facebook page, you'll get access to hot news, discounts and even more free samples of my work, so... why hesitate? :P

Hey there, guys!
Welcome in my first journal entry in 2014. It's almost a tradition to summarize the past year in January, so let's get to it. For me, of course, it was a year of photo references and of massive growth of my fanbase, especially here on deviantART. Thank you for that! You can learn more about the past year in the January newsletter below. 
By the way, if you want, you can suggest what my new year resolutions should be. Shooting more photos? Shooting more photos with animals? More action and dynamic photos? What would you want me to do in 2014? Write it in comments!


Click on the link above to learn more about the past year in!
Soooo, have you enjoyed Christmas gifts from my Advent Calendar? I hope you did! :) Don't forget there's still a bonus gift available for download:

Before 2014 starts, let's review what happened in 2013. Below you can find statistics of the most downloaded photo sets, most searched keywords and other interesting information about my stock.

And if you don't want to miss a thing, make sure you check out our latest newsletter issue.

Hi, my fellow watchers!
Christmas is almost here and since I really appreciate your huge support during the past months, I've decided to give you one gift every day until Christmas. That's 24 + 1 gifts in total! Do you wonder what these gifts are? Oh come ooon, if I tell ya, you won't be surprised. But I can guarantee you that you'll find many awesome photo references in them. So make sure you'll check our Advent Calendar every day so you won't miss anything!

After a very long time, here comes a new issue of our newsletter. It brings some interesting news, so you better check it out, if you don't wanna miss any of our latest photos and promos.

Hi there, my fellow artists!
I was asked, recently, if I could upload a photo reference of a guy throwing a grenade. Since I love this community, I added a guy throwing a grenade to my stock, you can view it here:…

Is there anything else you miss here or in my entire photo stock?
Hi there,
some of you guys wrote me PMs, that you like my photos and you want to use them in your artworks. So once and for all: You can use any of my photos released here, on my Facebook page, Fineart or my Tumblr  completely for free. But since I love to see my photos being used in artworks, I always appreciate if you at least show me the final pic.

And if you like what I do, support me please by getting yourself a premium account, thanks to which you can choose and use any photo from my 27 000+ database 
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I have a Tumblr account for a while and I finally decided to post some photo references there. I'm gonna post my favourite photos, let's see if Tumblr users are interested.

If you know someone with a photo stock who has a Tumblr, send me a link, please!

-> Visit my account <-
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great news, everyone! Few days ago, we already exceeded the ammount of 27 000 photo references in our database! Can't wait to get to 30 000, I'll prepare a special event for this.

Anyway, if you're interested in stereoscopic 3D references, you'll be glad to hear that we're adding more and more photos and that we're also accepting suggestions for these.

More recent news about my photos are summarized in May Newsletter
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